Avoid Kitchen And Bathroom Drain Cleaning With A Few Simple Tips

The drains in a house are usually not thought of often. It’s usually just assumed when washing dishes, the greasy water will flow right down the drain as it’s supposed to. Likewise, while taking a shower, one doesn’t expect dirty water to pool up to their ankles because the shower drain isn’t working properly. When these things happen, it’s an inconvenience but fortunately, drain cleaning usually can be avoided with a little prior caution and preparation.

To avoid drain cleaning in the kitchen, one must be careful of what is washed down the sink. Many people think that excess food may be washed away easily, but that’s usually not the case. Even a garbage disposal will clog if too much waste is washed down. Excess food should always be gathered and thrown away in the garbage instead of washed down the drain. Even more importantly, grease should never be poured down the kitchen sink as it will coagulate into a clog or coat the pipes and eventually lead to the necessity of drain cleaning. It’s recommended to pour excess grease into a metal or glass container and after it’s cooled, dispose of it in the trash.

Bathroom showers often require drain cleaning gulfport ms, as hair and soap scum typically are washed down them daily, especially for those with long hair. A grate or screen over the drain helps to catch the hair before it washes down the drain. This helps to avoid the need for frequent drain cleaning biloxi ms by lessening the amount of hair and scum that actually goes down the drain. A Do-It-Yourself trick to extend the time between professional drain cleaning gulfport is to pour vinegar and baking soda into the drain and let it sit. After approximately 30 minutes, pour hot water down the drain to loosen and wash away any debris that has lingered in the pipes. After that the pipes should drain freely.

Nobody wants to deal with clogged drains, but by carefully considering what goes down the drain, one can extend the time between professional drain cleanings or avoid them altogether. Don’t just wash something down the drain. Always stop and think about where it will be going and if it has the potential to cause a problem. If in doubt, don’t wash it away, but throw it away instead.