Plumbers Tips To Avoid Clogged Toilets

No one wants to flush the toilet only to see the water swirl around and around without going down. Worse yet is flushing the toilet only to see the dirty water come up and over the top of the bowl and spill onto the floor. Fortunately by following a few tips from experienced plumbers, most people will find that they can avoid clogging their toilet and the unfortunate mess that comes with it.

Of course, plumbers recommend against flushing too much toilet paper down the bowl, as it can get stuck in the pipes. Small children are usually the culprits for this problem, and even more so with today’s extra soft and extra strong papers that don’t dissolve quickly, it has become a more frequent problem. Even more common than toilet paper, many plumbers are discovering toilet clogs caused from flushable wipes. These adult cleansing wipes, similar to baby wipes but supposedly flushable, frequently causes clogs. They are especially damaging for homeowners with septic tanks. Because these wipes don’t break down like toilet paper, many plumbers in gulfport are recommending they not be flushed at all, but disposed of in a waste receptacle instead.

Another rarely thought of item that frequently causes toilet clogs are feminine hygiene products. Again, these items are typically thought of as flushable. Though they usually go down the drain when flushed, they commonly get hung up in the pipe, causing a blockage that generally must be removed manually by one of the plumbers in biloxi or gulfport. These type clogs usually require an auger device that will pull the items back out of the pipe and remove them instead of pushing them through and out to the septic or sewer.

Though an item is flushed away, it doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. Most plumbers in gulfport ms advise to only flush human waste and a reasonable amount of toilet paper down the toilet. Anything else can unfortunately cause a potentially expense clog that will require the assistance of a professional to clear. Avoid toilet clogs and the mess that follows by always being cautious and aware of what is being flushed away.